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There are quality alcohol treatment facilities and programs across the country and they deal with all aspects of addiction and recovery. While it may take a person a lot of years to reach the point of seeking help and even acknowledging they have a problem with drinking, it is a relief to know there are many qualified treatment programs available.

Alcohol Treatment Centers

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In a National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2008, the number of current heroin users (using in the past month), who were twelve years old or older in the U.S. rose from 153,000 users the previous year to 213,000. First-time users of heroin who were twelve or older numbered 114,000 in 2008.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

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Throughout centuries, religion has been a source of controversy and comfort. For those dealing with some of life's most difficult situations, such as substance abuse, it may be viewed as a source of hope and redemption. Certainly, this was the case when Alcoholics Anonymous was co-founded in 1935 by Bill W. and Dr. Bob., and included among its twelve steps the idea that a higher power, whatever that power is conceived to be, is the only way in which to free oneself from alcohol abuse.

Christian Drug Treatment Center

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This is a very touchy subject, because for many who suffer from it, there is a great deal of shame involved. It brings up a number of enormously potent cultural taboos about the body, where the addict is made to feel shame for their own physical being, even though ironically it is these taboos that makes pornography so prevalent in culture in the first place. Thankfully, however, there are many different ways that someone can get help if they feel that they might be a candidate for pornography addiction. Any addiction is difficult to deal with, and this one is certainly not easy.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction

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Dealing with any addiction is tough, and addictions to porn are no less difficult than chemical addictions. Even though there might be no immediate physical threat to the addict, the ways of dealing with this kind of addiction are the same as any other, and coming through it whole and healthy can lead to a much better life than you could have dreamed possible.

How to Break a Porn Addiction

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The process of breaking the news about one's substance abuse addiction to another person can be extremely difficult. However, the way to go about it differs slightly from individual to individual and there are some essential recommended components. This is an important process for recovery and also in the development of new intimate relationships. One of the most important aspects of determining when and how you will disclose the information is based on self-acceptance and your own comfortably level with your recovery.

How to Break Your Addiction to a Person

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The best data known regarding the amount of time necessary for an addiction to be cured depends on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist: is the 'glass half empty' or is the 'glass half full?' The 'half-empty' belief is that perhaps up to 50% of substance abusers with serious addictions will struggle with their addictions for the rest of their lives. As for the 'half-full' part, the belief is that a small percentage of substance abusers with serious addictions will eventually move past the addiction and completely leave it behind.

When is an Addiction Cured?

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Addiction may be defined as a pattern of behavior that's persistent, the result of a psychological or physical dependency that disrupts a person's quality of life. People become addicted to a wide variety of substances -- in the realm of physical addiction, a person could be addicted to tobacco, narcotics, alcohol, sedatives and stimulants; in psychological addiction, the person might take ordinary drives, such as the need for food or sex, and take these behaviors to an extreme. Everyone knows someone with an addictive streak or an actual addiction, but how do these addictions come about?

What Causes Addiction?

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