How to Break Your Addiction to a Person

How to Break Your Addiction to a PersonThe process of breaking the news about one’s substance abuse addiction to another person can be extremely difficult. However, the way to go about it differs slightly from individual to individual and there are some essential recommended components. This is an important process for recovery and also in the development of new intimate relationships.

One of the most important aspects of determining when and how you will disclose the information is based on self-acceptance and your own comfortably level with your recovery. Part of addiction treatment is acknowledging the truth to yourself and being truthful with others. And when it is time to disclose your addiction to interested persons it is important to focus on your process in telling your story rather than the concern of the other party’s response.

This also brings up two orientations to personal disclosure of addiction. One is the disclosure importance to already existing relationships and the other relates to when an how to bring it up in new relationships. Sometimes disclosure to family members and close friends and intimates can be a major process of addiction recovery. This is also associated with making amends for previous inappropriate behaviors and is frequently needed to heal the relationship as well as the addict. When bringing up addiction issues with a new relationship it is an important aspect of trust development as well as simply getting to know each other well. There are certain lifestyle factors that can be associated with a person in recovery and particularly with intimate friends and romantic relationships the disclosure of one’s addiction is important. Both of these disclosure orientations require honesty and a certain level of acceptance should have been reached by the addict prior to the disclosure.

There are many social situations that arise on account of having a substance addiction, whether it is to an illegal street drug, alcohol or even prescription medication. Many people believe that the problems associated with addiction are over as soon as the behavior stops and the addiction is dealt with. However, there are typically many more issues to be faced and many of these only become aware to the addict when it is time to deal with them. One of the standard and also most difficult circumstances to face is encountered by addicts when they have to be upfront about and discuss their issue with other people in their lives.


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