Throughout centuries, religion has been a source of controversy and comfort. For those dealing with some of life’s most difficult situations, such as substance abuse, it may be viewed as a source of hope and redemption. Certainly, this was the case when Alcoholics Anonymous was co-founded in 1935 by Bill W. and Dr. Bob., and included among its twelve steps the idea that a higher power, whatever that power is conceived to be, is the only way in which to free oneself from alcohol abuse. Today, the twelve steps are still used to help people cope with their dependency, whether it be on alcohol or drugs. However, what if you are not only a believer in a higher power, but a believer specifically in Jesus Christ? Is there a place in the world for a Christian Drug Treatment Center?

Christian Drug Treatment CenterIn fact, there are a number of Christian Drug Treatment Centers, available with an online search, which understand how to work with a Christian suffering from substance abuse issues.

For the Christian, these centers are the most effective programs because they speak an understandable language, based in shared spiritual beliefs and the Bible. While many addicts put off seeking out therapy, this may also be true of the Christian addict, who may feel that his belief in God alone should carry him through to recovery.

It’s possible that the shame and sense of self-betrayal that can accompany substance abuse may increase if you feel you’re supposed to be living a more exemplary life. This may cause an individual to shy away from treatment, or worse, attempt to detox without help. The truth, though, is that recovery is a difficult process, especially dangerous without the proper help, and should not be attempted alone; the longer a person hesitates to enter such a program, the more at risk that person becomes.

Once the decision has been made to go into a program, then it’s best to match the program to the belief systems of the addicted person. If you’re an atheist, for instance, a Christian Drug Treatment Center may help with the immediate need of detox, but may be ineffective during rehab, while exactly the opposite will be true for someone who is a Christian and wants to experience rehab in a spiritual setting. In many such centers, the belief is that God will help those who help themselves, which begins with the step of seeking out a place for detox and rehab, and further, that no matter where you come from, no matter where you are now, you’ll be accepted into these centers and find help and relief.


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