TheaterA theatre troupe in Tucson, Arizona is trying to raise drug and alcohol awareness. Depression, drugs and alcohol are issues that impact many teens and a group called “Clean and Sober Theatre” is trying to let kids know there is help, reports KOLD News Channel 13.

CAST members have all been impacted by drug and alcohol abuse in some way, either by the own use, or that of a family member. Now, they’re opening up, to prevent drug abuse among Tucson’s youth.

Jacques started drinking and drugs at age ten, was on probation, and repeatedly arrested. It all changed as she sat in the department of juvenile corrections. “I got told my brother was going to die because he got assaulted by someone who was under the influence and he got beat over the head with a baseball bat,” Jacques said. To this day he is in a semi coma and can’t walk or eat on his own.

The group covers everything from cutting to suicide and drunk driving. All the cast members have similar stories to tell and are all passionate about staying clean and sober, finding new outlets and letting kids know there is another way.

The show can be a great addition to any drug rehab or alcohol treatment.

It can be especially great for young adult drug rehab.

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