LSD: Trip or Trap?

LSD: Trip or Trap?Since the prehistoric period, hallucinogens have been used in cultures everywhere throughout the world, from the mild effects of the pure but strong tobacco passed around in the Plains American Indians ceremonies to the psychedelic outcome cults in Ancient Greece produced from building temples near the fumes of volcanoes.  But in these instances, the rights were purely for a religious or spiritual reason and to produce visions and images to help the cultures they were made in.

Throughout most of history, the availability of the plants with hallucinogenic properties has been tempered by whatever soil and climate conditions were available.  The reason for their popularity is due to the way in which it affects the brain’s chemistry, interrupting how the serotonin system functions.  However, with the industrialization of many businesses, the drug business has also increased ever since.  Along with an increase in drugs, there has been an increase in the number of centers for the treatment of drug addiction.

During the sixties, LSD became the hallucinogen of choice because of the fact that it could be produced anywhere due to its synthetic nature.  In spite of the history of the hallucinogenic for ritual purposes often considered respectable by their respective countries, LSD continues to remain illegal in the USA, unlike marijuana, which has been used in medical cases, in particular cancer.

Drug and alcohol abuse intervention provide many facts about the qualities of the drug.   In its most popular form, LSD takes the shape of what is named blotter acid: tiny paper sheets drenched with LSD that come in whitish colors or just plain clear.  Those sheets show in those colors are LSD in its most pure and undiluted self.  Lower quality colors include black and tan.

Drug rehab that specializes in LSD treatment often requires the patient to take part of a program that lasts for six months with 24 hour care.  Because LSD users often have a history of heavy drug abuse, this long of a treatment plan usually works best for them.

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