Once again Lindsay Lohan is in trouble as her life spirals out of control.  This girl is very sick and I ask the question what is it going to take before she gets help.  Today while I was doing some research for this post I found a “survey” on TMZ called “you be the judge” I will not dignify this nonsense by posting a link but basically they are running a survery for its visitors to judge Lindsay.  How is this entertainment unless you are very sick in the head.

What will TMZ do if the end comes as it did for Anna Nicole Smith and so many other addicted celebrities, say how sad it is and bury their heads in the sand as to their role in her sickness.  If the media cares about the life of this girl and that is what it boils down to at this point they will leave her alone.  Part of her illness is to crave the publicity and as long as she is getting it it will help her to stay sick.  In addition to her addictions she is a frightened little girl in a woman’s body.  She did not have a childhood and she is having one now.  She is getting the attention she has craved and it may cost her her life.  TMZ is you want to help Lindsay Lohan live leave her alone and stop reportiong on her.  Your crass survey does’nt help and its in extemely poor taste.

Lindsay its not really funny anymore.

Sadly, until Lindsay reaches out for the help she needs the media frenzy will continue.  She needs extensive long term care and a strong program to help her understand how her childhood is impacting her behavior today.  I am rooting for her just like every other addict and alcoholic.  Lindsay, all it takes is the first step.  Admitting you are powerless and accepting your disease.  While the media keeps feeding her other addiction for fame and attention it is going to be harder for her to admit she is powerless  becasue in her own sick mind its still does.



AmyDecember 1, 2012 at 11:20 am

Great article! It’s refreshing to see a compassionate view about Lindsay’s plight. Just about everything TMZ does is in bad taste, so their obnoxious polls do not surprise me. Lindsay really is a sad case. I believe she really is a talented actress and I am at a loss to understand why she continues to get in serious trouble all the time. I’m not sure it’s just about attention and living a childhood she never had. There’s a lot of ways to get attention that don’t risk prison and overdosing, especially for a celebrity. Like you, I’m rooting for her, even though sometimes she seems like a lost cause.


AmyDecember 1, 2012 at 11:20 am

I’ve been a fan of Lindsay the movie actress ever since ”Mean Girls’ but I’m not a fan of her behavior and choices over the past few years, especially stealing and driving under the influence. I know she has problems, we all have problems, but that’s no excuse to be a criminal. The tabloid media (and maybe the mainstream media too) love a train-wreck, but i don’t think they are to blame here. She’s old enough to know better and needs to take responsibility for her actions.


AmyDecember 1, 2012 at 11:20 am

“It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.” ~ Lindsay Lohan … That about sums it up. Let’s not blame the messenger!


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