Many people decide to go to rehab in order to beat their dependency and fight their addiction. More than one-third of people who enter rehab are able to beat their addiction. That comes out to about 35% of former alcoholics who are able to beat their dependency. Each substance that people become addicted to has its own treatment program and success of recovery rate. In the end the best way to beat an addiction is to avoid creating one.
Unfortunately, each year that passes causes an increase in the number of people who are suffering from addiction. Whether it be an alcohol addiction or any other type of drug or substance abuse once you the individual finds themselves trapped in the addiction it is very difficult to come out from under its control. Many times addiction can come about without the addict even being aware that he/she is addicted. For example, a person can become an alcoholic very easily. After a long day of work a person might get off and go directly to a bar or restaurant for happy hour with friends and get some drinks. This may become an everyday habit and then even when the friends can’t make it the person may go and drink alone. After the happy hour is over that person might go home and have a few beers or shots there. Then at that point it will only be about 7 or 8pm and that person may go out again to a club or party and drink more or out to eat and have some wine and drinks, or even just stay home and continue to drink. Doing this every day will cause a person to form a habit and that habit can soon become an addiction. The person will become dependent on the alcohol and feel that they need it to get through the day.
Even though the addiction can set it, once it is on doesn’t mean that the person with the addiction can’t beat it.

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