Meth Mouth

Meth MouthMeth mouth is when meth addicts lose their teeth more frequently and rapidly due to the abuse of the substance. This effect is not caused by the drug itself which is what is commonly thought. The drug does not have any corrosive effects. The American Dental Association thinks the condition is caused by a combination of dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, a high calorie diet, and teeth grinding and clenching. Similar, though far less severe symptoms have been reported in clinical use of other amphetamines, where effects are not exacerbated by a lack of oral hygiene for extended periods.

Meth stimulates the sympathetic nervous system,it causes a dop in the acid-fighting saliva and thirst.  This increases the risks for tooth decay,as thirst is often quenced by sugary drinks. The lack of saliva also increaes the dryness in the mouth and creates greater risk for tooth decay.

Please contact a drug treatment center or drug rehab for more information regarding the dangers of methamphetamine and how to find out about available drug rehab treatments.

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