Rob Ford

Rob FordThe CBC have issued a report that Rob Ford the troubled mayor of Toronto has entered rehab. Two new tapes one of Ford drunk and another of him smoking crack have surfaced.  One has to wonder where the tapes come from and if the did not surface would he just carry on and keep running for office addicted and under the influence.

The real story here is his motives. Is he entering rehab because new evidence proves he is still drinking and using or does he genuinely now accept he needs help.  I hope its the latter.  If this man wants to save his life he needs to drop out of politics and get the care he needs then work a program to stay sober.  Going to treatment will not be enough and going straight back into the campaign on his return would be a very bad idea.  Why? he needs to completely focus on getting sober out of the spotlight.  He may be a great mayor I do not know but I know this you do not recover from 30 days in a treatment center, you have to change everything including yourself to stay sober how he could do that and stay in politics I am not sure.

This man is still the mayor and running again if the voters of Toronto want to do the right thing do not vote for him and force him out of the spotlight to get help assuming he would take that help of course.

This is a video for Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel – Part 1

Part 2

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