What is Substance Abuse Intervention?

What is Substance Abuse Intervention?The substance abuse intervention process impacts a large social context. Drug abuse is a serious problem not just in the United States, but around the world; addictions of any sort, wreaks havoc wherever it exists. It damages both the addict and the communities where they live. Interventions, in this context, are not just about individuals; they are about society as a whole, about the interpersonal bonds that work to make life worth living.

Substance abuse intervention is a vital part to the recovery process, because drug dependency is a disease. Addicts do not decide to use drugs, it’s not a choice, and getting sober isn’t a act of will. Sobriety can only happen as the result of intensive drug treatment programs, which can only be helpful when a substance abuser willingly enters the drug treatment center.

A substance abuse intervention by the family, friends and loved ones is no guarantee that they will check themselves into a drug rehab, but an intervention is an important step in a lasting drug recovery. Addict very rarely understand the extent of their problems until it’s too late; this is the nature of the addiction. Addicts will lose their ability to relate to anything but themselves and their drug habit. They have absolutely no rational or any objectivity to do self-analysis.

Interventions are important because they are a tool by which addict can hope to see the truth, maybe. An intervention may succeed by encouraging the drug abuser to check themselves into a drug rehabilitation facility; no addict can get better on their own. Plus, during an intervention, besides being told that they are addicts, the addict must be made aware that they need help in getting sober.  Intervention works only when it is conveyed to the substance abuser that it is fundamentally and inevitably important to get treatment. A successful or an unsuccessful intervention has far reaching repercussions.

A substance abuse intervention is crucial insofar as it will change the lives of the individuals involved in it and will benefit society has a whole.