What Does New York Consider to Be Drug Rehabilitation

What Does New York Consider to Be Drug RehabilitationIn New York, the requirements for rehabilitation, or rehab, are the same as anywhere else in the U.S.  If there is a legal requirement for rehab, the courts will be very specific about the types that can meet this option.  However, for most of the cases, and most of the instances where rehab is required, they are referring to a short-term program.  Under the umbrella term of rehabilitation, there are a few possibilities that will fit with the definition.  We’ll have a look at these, as well as discussing the short-term programs, in order to understand what drug rehabilitation is.

Detox is the usually reserved for very severe cases, and dire emergencies.  This is where people go when they need to be taken off addictive drugs or alcohol immediately.  Often referred to as the drunk tank, this option is usually not pertinent to court cases, as by that point the individual no longer has the substances in their system.  Outpatient treatments can be part of the court order, and are often included for post short-term programs.  These can include semi-weekly counseling sessions with professionals, although it’s very common for this to be peer-driven, as it seems to be a fairly effective model.  They can also include 12-step meetings that address the addiction being treated.

For short-term and long-term programs, usually we’re talking about 30-day programs and 60-or more days, respectively.  These can include detox regimens for the beginning of the program, but there are many who will not detox patients first.  A big part of these is developing a peer group, also known as a fellowship, so it is better to have people in the same general stage of their sobriety.  These programs sometimes include medical model therapy, with prescriptions to supplement the withdrawal symptoms, and they almost always use a great deal of interpersonal communication, where patients can speak to each other about their experiences as they happen, as this also seems to be very effective.