What Causes Substance Abuse?

What Causes Substance Abuse?The question of what causes substance abuse is a growing concern for all individuals and families from diverse social demographics and cultural backgrounds. The manner in which substance abuse and addiction problems are addressed and treated also various with societies as well as individuals though certain components are becoming universally accepted. Part of the individual treatment plan for an addiction will be based on the personal history of the client and the indicated caused of their abuse or addiction. The causes of a problem can also be an important consideration in determining whether or not one may have a problem with substance abuse.

Sometimes an addiction to alcohol can be caused by genetics. This is commonly recognized at the alcohol gene. This is a relatively new theory regarding alcohol addiction though it has been supported through studying family history and relatives, both those associated with socialized development as well as family connections that have had no involvement in one’s life. There was a study published in 2004 in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research that was the first source to demonstrate the specific gene’s association to alcohol dependence. This has become commonly accepted and many treatment providers will look for the occurrence of alcohol in relatives of a association levels in determining its presence in the client.

There are many other reasons that individuals develop addictions cause substance abuse problems. Sometimes they are based on early childhood chronic exposure and substance use by major role models in one’s life. Peer pressure can be a determining factor in experimenting with drugs as well as developing a problem. Other dependency issues can develop from the improper use of prescription medications. Physical abuse, sexual abuse and traumatic events can also lead to self medication through illegal or prescribed substances. Determining the cause of one’s abuse and addiction is an important aspect of treating it. These examples can also be used in evaluating one’s potential to develop a substance abuse problem. For instance, individuals who come from a family with the alcohol gene are strongly recommended to never begin a relationship with alcohol.


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