Treatment for Drug Addiction for People Who Have Dissociative Disorders

Treatment for Drug Addiction for People Who Have Dissociative DisordersDissociative disorders are almost always brought on by a traumatic event, and can cause severe problems functioning in society if someone forgets too much information, or if they forget information too often. Traumatic events can also be the trigger that brings someone to first start drinking or doing drugs, so it is not too far of a stretch to see that there are probably people who fit into both of these categories. It is then a fair question to wonder if there is treatment for drug addiction for people who have a dissociative disorder. The truth is that many drug treatment facilities are fit for people with dissociative disorders and can handle them well, but that depends on the extent of the disorder.

One important thing in many drug treatment facilities is remembering what happened that made the user turn to drugs, how it made them feel, other ways they reacted to this event beyond turning to drugs. These are all things that are also part of treatment for most dissociative disorders and in order for the person to stop blacking out, or to recover the memories that have already been lost, they have to go back through these experiences, remember them, and let them go. This is a very important part of the healing process. Because these two treatments are so connected, you can easily understand why it might be easy for most drug treatment centers to handle a dissociative person.

If you do go to a drug treatment center to get cleaned up, you may find out a few things have happened to your brain chemistry. One of the things that is commonly diagnosed by therapists at drug treatment centers are dissociative disorders. This is not because it is somehow more prevalent in drug addicts than other people, or because it is more prevalent than disorders such as depression, it is rather because this is a disorder that can go for decades without being diagnosed. Many people don’t even know that they are missing memories, or that they occasionally black things out. Once this has been uncovered, and it is evident that it is not the work of the drugs or alcohol, diagnosing the disorder is easy.


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