With the generally accepted notion that addiction and alcoholism are diseases, increased care and better research on the part of the medical community, as well as the increased openness on the part of individuals in recovery, treatment programs are much more demystified than they’ve been for a long time. A couple of decades ago, the only programs that were known widely were Betty Ford and A.A., and these had a host of misconceptions in the popular imagination. Today, there are many options for the alcoholic or addict who is trying to get well, and some treatment centers are more known than others.

We’ll look at Renaissance Malibu in this article, with the intention of looking at treatment in a general way, but also focusing on what they have to offer specifically. This center does seem to be one of the more desirable programs for people in recovery, if not in the country, then at least for those who live in Marin, California. It is a rather expensive one, something akin to the five-star hotel in world travel, making it a first choice for those who have all their options open. If living in villas and having gourmet meals to go along with your detox program seem appealing, this is a great choice. Some recovered addicts and alcoholics appreciate a lower bottom, however, but high or low bottoms are all bottoms, and that’s the necessary condition to beginning a life without drugs and alcohol.

The approach at Renaissance is rather advanced, and takes the best of all the available solutions, so all the techniques are at their disposal. Their highly trained staff goes to great pains to design a very individualized program, one that works with your needs and beliefs. They offer treatment from western as well as eastern perspectives, and can also offer a healthy dose of both. One of their trademarks is that they approach it from 4 directions, looking at body, mind, spirit, and relationships. These are all worked separately and holistically, so that the program here can offer a very good blueprint for the road to recovery.


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