How to Start a Drug Rehab FacilityA big growth industry is either the private or public drug rehabilitation facility. When considering opening a drug rehab facility, not only having experience in the field of addiction and detoxification is necessary, but an acumen for running a business is a must, especially when it comes to hiring the best medical staff and support staff who will have the right compassion and fortitude to make a difference in a substance abuser.

Research if your geographical area can support a drug rehab facility, there might already be enough facilities, or there might be too little. Find out what licenses and permits are required by the state you’ll be setting up your rehab. Make sure the area you have picked for your rehab facility is zoned for a treatment center.

Write a business plan and draft a budget so you can submit proposals to the federal, state and local departments in order to obtain any grants that are available, and there are many grants to help with rehabilitating substance abuse. The library is a great source to find private foundations and institutions where their mission is the abatement of substance abuse. You will be receiving a variety of funding this way, and the funding will cover different things, like some grants will cover start-up costs and others will cover medical equipment or furniture for the rehab center.

Once you’ve established where the facility will be, refurbishing will most likely be necessary. Contact several General Contractors, interview all of them, ask for references and then hire the GC you feel will best do the remodeling. Keep track yourself that the GC has met all the deadlines for building inspections, occupational permits and other project schedules. You can not hope that the GC you picked will stay on top of this, even though they should.

When remodeling is almost complete, then it’s time to interview the candidates for your medical staff and support staff, like clerical, managers, janitorial, administrative staff who are experts in filing insurance claims, and case workers. Also, shop for the best comprehensive insurance coverage not only for the facility, but for your new staff and for any liability issues. Once you have your staff and your insurance in place, then it’s time to apply for accreditation and certifications, this will help immensely when it comes to applying for any additional funding available and will keep you in good standing with the community at large.

Advertise in all the usual media and contact as many physicians in your area as possible and let them know you are open for business. You might also consider meeting with the local organization, such as the Elks, the Rotary Club and the Shriners and making date for you to introduce your business to rehabilitate substance abusers. Contacting all the councilors at all the local, junior high-schools, high-schools and colleges and give them brochures, then finally, contact all the hospitals in the area. Once all of this is done, you are on your way to opening a very successful Rehabilitation Center.



AmyMarch 3, 2010 at 10:34 pm

How much capital in needed for the initial opening?


AmyMarch 3, 2010 at 10:34 pm

Hi , I would like to use my 19 room motel on 200 acres of land in notheast pa for a rehab center . Yes I have lost family members and dear friends of my family so this is what sparked this idea to help .
If anyone has information on who I can contact to help me do this to my facility would be very helpful . Ty


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