How to Get Someone Committed to a Drug RehabilitationLiving with an active alcoholic and/or drug addict can be exhausting, heartbreaking, and extremely frustrating.  It would seem that all of the social codes around us tell us that if our loved one is in trouble, it’s up to us to help them, but how do you get someone committed to a drug rehabilitation?  It’s important to be able to step back from these situations in any way that we can, because the truth is, it’s not up to us, although there are things we can do to protect ourselves.  If rehab is an option, and if it’s becoming an obvious choice, there are things that you can do to help move the situation in that direction.

Remember that it’s impossible to commit someone against their will unless they are under 18. However, if the family member or loved one is under 18, then the parents can make that choice for them.  If that’s the case, then it’s a matter of getting to the treatment center that’s right for your child.  If it’s not the case, then there are other options.  But the addict has to be convinced that treatment or rehab is the right thing to do.  What’s truly challenging here, however, is that they have to remain convinced, all the way to the check-in, and addicts are prone to change their minds all the time.  One of the most effective ways of convincing someone is through intervention.  This is where the family comes together to confront them with their behavior, so that they can see that they have people who truly love them, and also that they are doing things that are harmful.

One intervention might not be enough, and you may want to consult professional help.  Before any method is tried, it’s really essential to get yourself connected to a support system.  Connect with one of the local groups for families of addicts and alcoholics.  This is using that metaphor of the oxygen masks on the airplane.  Cover your own mouth first, so that you can breathe, and only then are you in a position to help others.  Support systems can help you through every phase of working with your loved one, and it’s likely that someone will know other local resources that you can use to get them the help they need.


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