How Do I Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment?

How Do I Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment?There are many things that run through the minds of people when they are considering entering into a substance abuse treatment program.  Some people are nervous, while some people are looking forward to getting their lives back, and getting those lives back on track.  There are many in-house long term treatment centers located throughout the United States, but one of the problems that many people face is the ability to afford such treatment.  Many twelve week programs can cost anywhere from thirty thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars, and for most people that is just too much for them to pay.

For those with very good insurance coverage this may not be an issue, but it is always wise to check one’s plan to make certain before entering into a program.  There are some fine community based programs which are either free of cost or offer their services at much lower rates.  One long standing and well known program is that of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  This is a program that does not require a fee, a one dollar donation is quite sufficient, however it is not necessary.  The group is led by members who have had a long time of sobriety behind them.  This is one option, and a very good option as everyone who is in those rooms has been in the same place before, everyone had to walk in that first day.

The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment is a valuable resource for those looking for treatment centers, and for those looking for the funding to attend those that do cost money.  A program that is affiliated with the CSAT, is called Access to Recovery, or (ATR).  This program provides people in need with vouchers to attend treatment and to find the support services that the need.  Another program designed in much the same way is Partners for Recovery.  They ensure that those who need assistance will find it.  For many, finding the funds for treatment can be a daunting task, but by searching on line for the area in which one lives one will find many governmental programs to help those in one of their greatest times of need.


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