How to Cure Drug Addiction

How to Cure Drug AddictionThere are a few different scientific based theories on drug addiction and its causes and treatments. Meanwhile, as with all things that are related to the psychological field, there are numerous personal views on the nature of addiction, as well as it’s definition. This is one of the reasons why education on drug and alcohol addiction is so important in this country. In a period that follows a couple of decades of declared drug on war spending and efforts it is extremely disappointing and also greatly concerning that addiction continues at such a high rate and shows no signs of ending soon.

One of the ongoing debates regarding addiction is how to cure drug addiction and if, in fact, in can be cured at all. Many psychological theories and treatment approaches firmly believe that once a person is an addict they will always be an addict regardless of whether or not they ever use the addictive substance again. This brings the topic of dry drunks into the discussion, which is also a component of addiction and frequently occurs when a person takes the bare-knuckle approach to quitting and doesn’t seek outside support services or treatment.

Meanwhile, the biological approach to treatment is sometimes approached from a different perspective and looks simply at the physiological or neurological effects of addiction and treatment. To cure drug addiction the immediate and active biological addiction, the behavior has to stop. However, depending on the particular drug that is being abused, the approach to this can differ greatly. For severe alcohol addiction, ceasing the supply of alcohol to the system without proper clinical assistance can be fatal. Meanwhile, for other drugs, such as heroine, that have such a strong addiction potential and are so difficult to treat, there are controlled replacement drug therapies that help to reduce the addiction level and lead to recovery. The treatment approach to drug addiction is generally based on the substance being abused and a specific treatment plan for the individual is based on this.


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