Funding treatmentFunding Treatment Options

Funding Addiction Treatment is incredibly stressful for you, your family, and loved ones.  Finally, you have decided to enter a treatment facility to overcome your addiction and once you have done your research and are clear on the type of treatment that best suits your needs, the next question is how much will this cost and can I afford it.  Addiction treatments are expensive, but they are also lifesaving.  If you are reading this chances are you are not in a position to afford luxury up-scale treatment facilities that can cost thousands of dollars per week.  You need to be realistic while also ensuring that you make the best decision to aid your recovery.

Private Funding

There are various options open to you in terms of funding your treatment.  Obviously if you have savings, your own resources or assets this would be the best way to finance your recovery.  This way you are being independent and not relying on anyone else to invest in this very personal journey. While family members may be more than willing to assist with payments, this can add to the pressure of becoming clean and sober and cause resentment down the line if everything does not go to plan.  Another option would be to take out a loan in order to pay for your treatment.  You may need a family member to act as a guarantor but this will yield less pressure than them handing over money directly.


Alternatively you can seek out facilities that accept private insurance or Medicare; more and more facilities are accepting this method of payment.  All of their facilities, treatments and programs may not be covered but you will most definitely, at the very least receive detoxification and counselling.  Another positive is that a lot of facilities also allow finance and payment plans- they will work with you in developing an affordable package within your budget while also meeting your needs. Drug treatment financing programs are often the best route for flexible and affordable payment of rehabilitation.

Social and Government programs

There are some state and government funded facilities and programs.  These facilities can often have long waiting lists and there are specific eligibility criteria that patients must meet.  While a private facility may be more preferable and can offer more extensive services in a more luxurious surrounding, public services do offer the essential and basic elements of detox, counselling and long term outpatient care.  While public services can be flawed recent studies demonstrate that results from public and private facilities are comparable.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are also an option, although they typically have a very high interest rate but will sometimes offer 0% financing for several months when signing up for a new credit card; which would help keep costs down.  This comes with a caveat though if you do not stay sober, get your life back on track and get a job after treatment you could end up with a large credit card bill with not means to pay for it.  Also if you are lucky enough to have savings this can also be used towards the costs of your care. Some people may also be in a position to sell off valuable assets in order to fund their treatment; selling items such as cars, televisions, or jewelry.

Funding treatment is a daunting task; however, continuing a life of substance abuse will have even more negative effects on you, your health, your family and will cost you a lot more over the long-term. If you make recovery your top priority, then you can make the funding happen as well. Consider it an investment in your future, your health, and your happiness.