When choosing a treatment facility for your addiction, doing your research is crucial. You have come to the point in your addiction where you no longer want to be that person, where you no longer want the drug to control you, so you need to ensure that you enter the best facility for you and your recovery.  While most treatment facilities adopt very similar approaches to treatments, there are variations in the methods and approaches each facility takes.  Addiction comes in many forms and the substance or behavior someone is addicted to vary so therefore you need to firstly ensure that the facility can meet your specific needs and specialize in your particular addiction.  To add to the confusion within each treatment facility there are different treatments, rehabilitation programs and detox methods- this is a massive step so do the research and make sure you choose the one the is most compatible with your addiction. For example you may be addicted to heroin, but there may also be emotional and mental factors at play that initiated the substance abuse- in this case detox would not be sufficient in tackling the addiction but a dual diagnosis center would need to be entered where both issues are dealt with.

Addiction is an extremely serious disease that without treatment can destroy the addict’s life and even result in death. Unfortunately studies undertaken by SAMHSA’s show that just one tenth of the American population who have a problem with drugs or alcohol actually seek help from a treatment facility; this includes hospitals and mental health centers. Accessing the help available can be daunting and extremely scary but for your recovery will definitely be worth it.

If you are researching for yourself or a family member the main decision after deciding to enter treatment is if you will opt for inpatient or outpatient treatment.  You have the option of residential centers (inpatient) where you are as the name suggests a resident- you essentially live there each day and are immersed completely in the treatment program.  The alternative is outpatient treatment which would also be delivered by specialist addiction services but would be less intensive, it may mean attending weekly counselling or support groups and monitored medical treatment.  There are pros and cons to both options, inpatient treatments are considered to be the most effective as generally they are delivered over an extended period of time from 30-90 days and the individual is solely focused on their recovery.  This may not be an option for everyone and some people may not require such intensive treatment, essentially it a personal decision and important to make the decision you feel will best aid in your recovery and serve to eliminate the potential for relapse.

Another element to treatment is extended care, in this case an individual would continue to receive care and support after the rehab programme has ended.  In some cases extended care can include sober living facilities, as the individual may require a transition period from rehab into their home life.  It can also be less intensive and may include meeting regularly with a therapist or attending addiction support groups.  Long term care is also an option that some people find they need to adopt in recovering from addiction; in this case the individual would stay on a long term basis at a particular facility, the duration of the stay depending on the person and their progress.

Here are the top 10 questions to ask when choosing a treatment facility

  1. Do they have medically supervised detox or must I do that first.?
  2. Does the treatment center follow the 12 steps
  3. How effective has your program been in the past?
  4. What are the qualifications and credentials of your staff?
  5. How much will it cost me?
  6. Does the center accept insurance?
  7. Will my insurance cover all of the program?
  8. Is the program 12 step or holistic based, what is the difference?
  9. What will happen when I leave treatment?
  10. Will I get assistance with aftercare and introduction to an outside 12 step program?

As you can see there are lots of options and a variety of things to consider, it is so important that you choose the facility and programs that fits best for you.  If you do not enter with an open mind and a belief that this can and will make a change to your life, you are damaging your chances of a life free from addiction from the outset.  So remember that research is key in making the right decision, consider the type of facility that would work best and from there narrow these down to the most compatible based on approach, content, therapies and programs.  With the abundance of facilities available, finding a one that fits won’t be difficult. If you are reading this, act now and start to live the life that you deserve.