The Key to Success of 12-Step Programs Twelve-step programs have been a crucial part of any addiction recovery program since the development of AA 80 years ago. Although it was first established as a plan of action for recovering alcoholics, it then became adapted as part of the recovery process of many other forms of addiction. The list of 12 Step programs is extensive, Why? Because it works.Alcoholics Anonymous

How does a 12-Step Program Work?

A 12-step program works with the recovering individual going to a meeting where people share their own stories, experience, strength and hope. The outcome of this phase is that it helps the affected person to get over being in denial. When faced with stories from other people, an individual is set to be more open about acknowledging his or her own battle with addiction. The individual finds a sponsor who has already worked the steps who can guide them through the spiritual program of recovery.

Since humans are inherently social creatures, it is safe to say that a recovery process involving other people invariably helps with one’s own struggle in overcoming his or her addiction. The one on one work with a sponsor helps them deal with the past and find a spiritual connection which replaces the addiction. The final 3 steps 10,11,&12 teaches the individual how to live sober.

Why are 12-step programs effective?

In essence, 12-step programs are effective because it makes you realize that addiction can affect anybody no matter what their stature in life is. The spiritual side of the program is available to everybody no matter what their religious beliefs and indeed if they have no religious beliefs. Even to the atheist the concept of a higher power which is not associated with any religion becomes a concept they can grasp. The empty hole of addiction is replaced with hope and the belief that they too can stay sober like the others in the group. It’s safe to say that addiction is not just prevalent to one particular class or demographic of society since no one from all walks of life is exempted from its dangerous allure. One may be astounded to know that even people with good jobs or families have developed an addiction one way or another.

In a 12-step program, a person is made to feel that they’re not alone in their struggle, as a lot of people suffering from addiction tend to think that they’re isolated in their battle with drugs or alcohol. Although most people’s first impulse is to handle everything alone, this kind of program will allow them to reach out to others who have gone through the same thing. That is truly what makes 12 step so successful the shared experience.

How Recovery Is Possible

With this program, recovery is possible because it helps you develop your confidence to kick the addiction by seeing how others try to do the same thing. In a way, it serves as the affected individual’s resource because you can pretty much ask other people in the group how they handle battling their own addiction. This way, you’ll never be at loss in utilizing different techniques that can help you with your own struggle.

One of the most common fears with people who have developed an addiction to a particular substance is that they think that their life will be less interesting without it. On the contrary, you’ll be able to see a lot of people in the program who have kicked their addiction and still managed lead interesting, happy fulfilling lives. You end up wanting what they have and eventually the program works for you to. There is a saying in AA “It works if you work it” and how true that is.

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