Statistics can drawn a horrifying picture of the effects of alcohol and drug use in the workplace. Loss of productivity, increased accidents, missed work, and behavior and personality problems contribute to creating an unhealthy working environment for the user as well as their co-workers and even customers. To address this problem there are steps that employers can take to try to create a drug-free workplace.

The first step is to research any programs and materials that already exist to support this effort. Many non-profit and government agencies have done extensive research on drug prevention and treatment and can provide literature and guidelines to help develop programs for specific companies.

Next, it’s important to consult with qualified legal professionals familiar with drug and alcohol law as it regards the workplace. There are going to be disclosure and privacy laws that apply differently depending on the industry involved as well as employment law regarding firing and even drug testing. Knowing what applies to a given industry, state, and type of employee is crucial to designing an appropriate program.

Lastly, since prevention doesn’t always work, there needs to be a way to handle employees who have or appear to have a problem. When an employer suspects someone is having a problem they can’t just give them a list of drug rehab centers Florida. A procedure needs to be in place so that employers, HR staff, and others are not caught without a plan when that happens.

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