MySpace seems harmless, it’s only a social network, what could possibly go wrong with staying in touch with your friends, distant friends and relatives? Becoming addicted to MySpace is what can go wrong. At first, you’ll spend time creating your profile, which is where you’ll write about all the things you want all your friends to know about you, like what kinds of music you listen to, what movies you watch or what books your read. But, then there’s uploading all your photographs (known as pics) and uploading videos you want to share with friends. Then, you’ll notice how plain you MySpace front page looks, so you’ll spend some time searching for the right background graphics, because you want your front page to really reflect your personality. You’ll want to find the right MP3 player and the perfect photo of yourself, which will not only appear on the front page, but shows up when ever to comment, send a message, or an instant message. Before you know it, you’ve just spent the entire night on MySpace with only a few hours left to get some sleep before work.

This is how easy MySpace can become addicting. But, that’s just the beginning; once your MySpace is set-up exactly how you want it, then it’s time to find if any of your friends are on MySpace, and once you find them, you look at all their friends and notice that they know some pretty interesting people, and that they listed some pretty interesting music you’ve never heard before, so you have to check out the new music your friend have listed and then upload the music to your site. Or, you see an interesting site such as reading someone’s blogs, this is the point when you realize there’s a whole world of like-minded people on MySpace and see that their friends have the same interests as you, and once again, the next thing you know, is it’s very late, you’ve spent 5 hours online without even blinking an eye.

As you can see, losing track of time, while on MySpace is easily done, mainly because MySpace is a social network, a music outlet for many musicians and people from all over the world have an account, making this social network even more fascinating and exciting. Where the harm comes in, is spending way too much time on MySpace, hours upon hours, sometimes an entire day, causing your relationships with loved ones to suffer. Husbands, wives, children, boyfriends, girlfriends will notice how little time you have for them and how you would rather spend time on MySpace.

You’ll know if your addicted if: you spend several hours a day on MySpace; stay up all night on MySpace; loved ones stop associating with you; and you no longer have a real social life. Don’t take the addiction to MySpace lightly, it is a serious issue, especially when it interferes with your daily life.

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