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Maryville Rehab Centers in New Jersey: Family Visitation Rules

Join us at Maryville, New Jersey, where our compassionate and experienced team will support you throughout your treatment journey. Connect with others facing similar challenges, learn valuable skills and tools for lasting recovery, and access resources to address other areas of need. When you complete our drug rehab program, our aftercare program will provide ongoing support and a network of peers to help you stay on track. Maryville rehabilitation centers cater to Williamstown, Pemberton, Turnersville, and Vineland, New Jersey clients.

In 2022, substance use disorder treatment providers reported a total of 85,266 treatment admissions and 84,437 discharges to the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services. [1] New Jersey has made significant strides in combating addiction, yet continued collaboration and support from each other are essential to overcome this crisis further. Recent data also indicates that there were 2,564 suspected drug-related deaths in New Jersey last year, 2023. [2] 

Recovery from addiction is an ongoing journey that requires persistence and dedication. Experience compassionate care and comprehensive support for substance use disorder and mental health issues at Maryville. As a nonprofit organization, we're dedicated to serving individuals and families from all walks of life, ensuring access to high-quality treatment regardless of financial means. With state licensure, CARF accreditation, and membership in the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, trust Maryville for expert care and support on your journey to recovery. If you're searching for top drug treatment centers in New Jersey, browse our directory and decide to begin a new life now by reaching out for help. Seeking professional help is crucial because trained experts can provide specialized support and guidance tailored to your needs, increasing the likelihood of successful recovery outcomes.

Does this drug rehab facility allow visitors?

The presence of loved ones in the recovery process is crucial because their support and encouragement can significantly enhance the individual's motivation and determination to overcome addiction. Family and friends provide a vital source of emotional support, understanding, and encouragement, which can help individuals navigate the challenges and obstacles they may encounter during their recovery journey. For the benefit of our patients, please adhere to the following communication guidelines to ensure smooth treatment adjustment and minimize distractions, allowing patients to focus on their recovery.

Visitation Policy:

  • Patients in our long-term residential program may have approved visitors after 30 days.
  • Visitation is not allowed for patients in detox and short-term residential programs.

Mail Correspondence:

  • Patients may send mail using their stationery and postage.
  • Mail is received Monday through Friday. 

Phone Calls:

  • Patients may make one call within the first 24 hours and another on the eighth day.
  • After seven days, patients can schedule one call per week through their counselor.
  • Incoming calls are not permitted during treatment.

Does this facility treat alcoholism as well as drug abuse?

At Maryville, we offer medically monitored detox services in New Jersey for individuals aged 18 and older, providing a safe environment for withdrawal from alcohol, opioids, and other substances. Our dedicated team of physicians and 24-hour onsite nursing staff ensures your safety and comfort throughout the process, with medications available to alleviate symptoms. We also offer similar care for those on methadone.

During this crucial stage of treatment, you'll receive comprehensive support to address any emotional or physical challenges you may face. Depending on your condition, you may have access to educational sessions and opportunities to socialize with others in the residential program. Your primary counselor will offer individual counseling and case management services, advocating for your continued care as needed. Moreover, peer support services are available to you.

Delray Beach Drug Treatment

Does Maryville Rehab work with drug court programs?

Maryville Rehab works with drug court programs. We offer specialized treatment programs tailored to individuals referred through drug court systems, providing comprehensive support to help clients successfully navigate their recovery. Many rehabs today collaborate closely with drug court programs to offer specialized treatment options tailored to individuals referred through these systems. These programs aim to provide comprehensive support and rehabilitation services to individuals dealing with substance abuse issues within the criminal justice system. By integrating treatment with legal proceedings, drug court programs offer a structured approach to addressing substance abuse and reducing recidivism rates. This collaboration helps individuals access the necessary support and resources to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

Family members are also crucial in drug court programs for addiction treatment because they provide essential support and encouragement to individuals going through the recovery process. Their involvement can enhance accountability and motivation for the individual to remain committed to treatment and sobriety goals. Also, family support helps create a supportive environment conducive to healing and rebuilding relationships strained by addiction.

Meet Rose. Rose, a young woman struggling with drug addiction, found herself incarcerated due to DUI and her substance abuse issues. During her time in prison, her mother, deeply concerned for her daughter's well-being, reached out for help to get Rose the addiction treatment she desperately needed. Recognizing the importance of supporting her daughter's recovery, Rose's mother tirelessly advocated for her, seeking out resources and assistance from drug court programs and rehabilitation centers. With the unwavering support of her mother and the guidance of dedicated professionals, Rose embarked on a path of healing and rehabilitation, determined to overcome her addiction and rebuild her life.

Reach Out for Help Today! Maryville Rehab Centers in NJ

Don't face addiction alone—reach out to Maryville Rehab today for compassionate support and care on your healing. Our dedicated team understands the importance of family involvement and values families as integral parts of recovery. With our comprehensive services and personalized treatment plans, we're here to help you or your loved one break free from the grip of addiction and build a brighter future.

Drug overdoses have emerged as a prominent cause of death nationwide, with over 100,000 fatalities reported by the CDC between April 2020 and April 2021. While New Jersey may have previously stood apart, it is now tragically following this trend, marking a tragic milestone in a decade-long epidemic that devastates families across the state. [3]

Maryville Rehab centers are here to support you or your loved one on the path to recovery from addiction. Our compassionate team stands by, ready to provide the care and assistance needed to overcome substance abuse challenges. If you're seeking help, reach out today and explore the options available at our drug rehab centers in New Jersey. Don't wait any longer to take the first step towards a healthier life.



[1] Substance Use Overview 2022 Statewide -

[2] NJ Cares Suspected Overdose Deaths - New Jersey Office of Attorney General (.gov)

[3] Drug Overdose Deaths - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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