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Embrace Healing with Inpatient Drug Detox at Tuerk House in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, Maryland, known as the "Charm City," boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse neighborhoods along its picturesque waterfront. However, amidst its scenic beauty lies a pressing issue of addiction, with the city suffering from high rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths. In 2021, the alarming statistics in Baltimore City revealed a staggering 1,079 fatalities due to drug and alcohol-related intoxication, with a concerning 973 deaths attributed to Fentanyl alone. This figure nearly triples the number of homicides recorded during the same period, emphasizing the severity of the addiction crisis gripping the city. [1]

Tuerk House Addiction Treatment in Baltimore, MD Inpatient Detox

Inpatient drug detox programs offer critical and timely intervention for individuals with drug addiction, serving as a lifeline to prevent the tragic occurrence of overdose deaths. By providing a carefully monitored and supportive environment, these programs prioritize the safety and well-being of individuals undergoing withdrawal, a vulnerable phase marked by potentially severe physical and psychological symptoms. Under the guidance of experienced medical professionals, inpatient detox ensures that patients receive prompt medical intervention to manage symptoms effectively and mitigate the risk of complications, including respiratory depression and cardiac events, which are commonly associated with certain substances. Moreover, the structured and controlled setting of inpatient detox facilities shields individuals from external triggers and temptations, reducing the likelihood of impulsive drug use and overdose.

Discover drug treatment centers in Baltimore and take the first step towards overcoming addiction with professional support. Battling addiction alone can be painful and harsh, but you don't have to face it alone. At Tuerk House, our inpatient detox program provides 24/7 nursing care and doctor supervision. We offer specialized counseling to support patients through the challenging process of withdrawing from drugs and alcohol with expertise and compassion.

What Location Offices Does Tuerk House Have in Baltimore?

Tuerk House offers hope and help for lasting recovery to those in the Baltimore area battling alcohol and/or drug addiction. Our vision is to continue leading the recovery community by enhancing our inpatient drug detox and services to serve the Baltimore metropolitan area excellently and effectively. Our locations are: 


Administrative Offices

2701 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: 667-212-3631


Tuerk House Main Campus

82-Bed Residential Treatment Center | Outpatient Treatment Center | Center for Integrated Behavioral Health & Urgent Care

730 Ashburton Street, Baltimore, MD 21216

Phone: 410-233-0684


Crisis Stabilization Center at Tuerk House

35 Beds

2700 Rayner Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216

Phone: 443-438-3509

The entrance is located on the side of the building off Dukeland St.


Weisman – Kaplan House

27-Bed Halfway and Recovery House for Men

2523 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: 410-467-5291


Nilsson House for Men

12-Bed Halfway House for Men

5665 Purdue Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21239

Phone: 667-212-3094


Sister Augusta Reilly, R.S.N. Home for Women in Recovery

10-Bed Halfway House for Women

5212 Gwynn Oak Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207


After completing your inpatient treatment program, finding a supportive environment is crucial for your continued recovery. Consider checking halfway houses in Baltimore as part of your aftercare plan. These sober living facilities provide a supportive community and structure to help you transition back into daily life while maintaining sobriety.

What Addiction Programs Does Tuerk House Have for Drug Treatment?

Tuerk House provides comprehensive services tailored to support patients throughout their recovery journey, regardless of their financial situation. Our programs for addiction recovery include the following:

  • Crisis Stabilization: Offering respite care for individuals under the influence of alcohol and opioid drugs.
  • Inpatient Detoxification: Providing appropriate medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Weisman - Kaplan House (Residential Treatment): Offering multiple levels of inpatient care within a structured environment.
  • Outpatient Treatment: Providing structured recovery support that can be integrated into everyday life.
  • Partial Hospitalization: Offering an intensive outpatient program for individuals requiring additional clinical support.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: Delivering expert care for those grappling with opioid addiction.
  • Support Group (Peer Support): Providing mentoring and educational support at every stage of the recovery process.
  • Urgent Care (Integrated Behavioral Health Services & Urgent Care): Offering mental health therapy, outpatient medication-assisted treatment for co-occurring disorders, and walk-in medical care for minor illnesses and injuries.
  • DUI Classes: Assisting individuals in safely resuming driving after a DUI or DWI.
  • Pharmacy: Welcoming community members to Tuerk House's main campus Monday through Friday for prescription filling and refills.

What Approach Did Dr. Isodore Turk Have When Healing Drug Addictions?

The way people get help for drug and alcohol problems changed a lot when Tuerk House opened in Baltimore in 1970. Before that, residents struggling with addiction had to detox in hospitals or even in jail. But thanks to visionaries like Dr. Isadore Tuerk, who was then leading Maryland's health department, Tuerk House started offering a different, more caring approach to help people heal and recover for life. Today, Tuerk House helps almost 300 people every day, regardless of their ability to pay. They use a unique way of caring for patients that covers everything they need to get better from drug and alcohol problems. Tuerk House also aims to offer top-quality care at affordable rates to help as many people as possible.

Addiction is when someone keeps using a harmful substance even though they know it's dangerous for them. People who are addicted need more of the substance to feel the same effect, and they feel sick when they don't have it. Addiction, whether to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or eating disorders, causes a lot of problems for individuals, families, and society. According to research, people with substance use disorder who lack self-compassion may struggle to grow and feel well. They need to learn to be kind to themselves, which can lead to personal growth and better overall health. They need support and understanding from healthcare providers, loved ones, and, most importantly, themselves. [2] At Tuerk House, the center provides comprehensive treatment and a supportive living environment for those struggling with addiction, with a focus on guiding individuals toward lasting recovery. The treatment approach emphasizes progress towards independence and community support, with dedicated staff embodying patience, professionalism, and expertise to ensure successful outcomes for the clients who enter its door.

Get the Help You Deserve: Inpatient Detox and Addiction Treatment at Tuerk House in Baltimore, MD

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2021, Maryland had 2,737 overdose deaths, with a rate of 42.8 deaths per 100,000 people when adjusted for age. [3] Drug addiction is a devastating force that not only claims lives but also destroys relationships and affects the overall community. Beyond the physical toll of overdose deaths, addiction insidiously erodes the bonds between individuals and their loved ones, inflicting deep emotional pain and irreparable damage. However, amidst this crisis, there is hope. Through compassionate and comprehensive inpatient detox, individuals with addiction can reclaim their lives, mend broken relationships, and rediscover a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Through the unwavering commitment to healing and recovery, Baltimore drug treatment centers stand ready to offer support and guidance, helping people move toward a brighter and more hopeful tomorrow.

At Tuerk House in Baltimore, MD, individuals are offered a comprehensive approach to inpatient detox and addiction treatment. The specialized inpatient program ensures safe and comfortable withdrawal from addictive substances under the expert care of medical professionals. Utilizing evidence-based practices and personalized treatment plans, Tuerk House addresses the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of addiction, fostering a nurturing environment for healing and recovery. With a compassionate and multidisciplinary team by their side, individuals receive round-the-clock support and guidance as they embark on their journey towards sobriety and lasting wellness.



[1] Baltimore City's Response to the Opioid Epidemic - Baltimore City Health Department (.gov)

[2] Shreffler J, Thomas JJ, McGee S, Ferguson B, Kelley J, Cales R, Cales S, Huecker M. Self-compassion in individuals with substance use disorder: the association with personal growth and well-being. J Addict Dis. 2022 Jul-Sep;40(3):366-372. Doi 10.1080/10550887.2021.2005382. Epub 2021 Dec 22. PMID: 34935606.

[3] Maryland Priority Topic Investments - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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730 Ashburton Street,
Baltimore MD 21216
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