Drug Testing in sportsDrug Testing is Necessary for Professional Athletes

Unfortunately, drug testing is necessary in the world of high-paid and highly-publicized professional athletes. These competitive athletes are idolized and viewed as role models for small children. It is important they set an example by honestly earning both the praise and the paycheck.

Every year, over one hundred thousand drug tests are conducted throughout the world, which costs approximately $30 million. This amount is only a tiny fraction of the salaries and advertising revenue professional athletes can earn. It is a small investment to ensure future endorsements won’t be tarnished by someone who doesn’t play by the rules.

Drug Tests keep it Fair

These scheduled or random tests are designed to deter and detect any abuse of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes who participate in professional competitions. Many athletes consider this process to be unfair, especially since the list of banned drugs is constantly being updated. An easy solution to this concern is for athletes to only use products found on the allowed substance list. Anything else could potentially give them an unfair advantage and therefore may result in a positive drug test.

Every Athlete has the Same Chance of Professional Success

The sole purpose of drug testing is to ensure there is as much of a level playing field as possible. Genetics should be the only factor that affects an athlete’s chances of professional success and even that should play a minimal role. Height and size will matter to some degree for certain sports, but drive and determination are the real deciding factors.

There are some athletes who will attempt to beat the drug testing, if they learn about it in advance. They will prepare for it by using masking agents to neutralize the effects of the performance enhancing drugs. That is why drug testing should be random and given throughout the year without notice. This will discourage drug use altogether so athletes are not in constant fear of getting caught.

There is No Fun when it is Not Fair

Performance-enhancing drugs like steroids take all the fun out of a sport. The real thrill of playing sports is the competition and there is no excitement if one person or team is dominating the game, especially if it is because they have an unfair advantage.

No Pride in Performance-Enhancing Drugs

An athlete cannot honestly feel proud of their accomplishments when they know they had to cheat to win. There is no greater feeling than working hard at a challenging goal and then achieving it. Athletes that use drugs to enhance how they perform are depriving themselves of real pride.

Random drug testing is a necessary measure to make sure professional athletes such as basketball players, football and baseball are following the same guidelines as their competitors. It is the only way to guarantee they are positive role models for future athletes and are legitimately earning their impressive paychecks.

This video from You Tube  discusses the drug testing for the London Olympics

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