Addiction has affected the lives of millions of people all over the world. This has afflicted both ordinary people and famous stars.  Doctors specializing in addiction

Dr. Drew Pinsky Addiction Doctor

Dr. Drew Pinsky

treatment are becoming popular. Perhaps the most famous doctor who specializes on addiction treatment is Doctor David Drew Pinsky best known as Dr. Drew.Dr. Drew is an American Board certified internist, addiction treatment specialist, and a known TV and radio personality. He first started his somewhat showbiz career in 1984 in the syndicated talk show on radio called Loveline. The concept of this radio show was to have listeners call in to get advice from the show’s lawyer for legal matters, doctor for medical issues and for all other issues the show has various celebrity guests to give advice to callers. Dr. Drew was only a 4th year medical student by then. Currently the show’s format is focused on answering and giving advice on questions regarding drug addiction, relationship and sexuality among the young generation. This show was the stepping stone of Dr. Drew’s career success in showbiz.

After Loveline, Dr. Drew went on to host his own radio talk show which is Dr. Drew Live. This radio show’s format was for him to focus on health issues in general. This radio show did not last long, unlike Loveline which has aired for more than a decade now. Dr. Drew then moved on to appear in several TV programs and reality shows. He first appeared on TV as a health and human relations expert for the first season Big Brother in the year 2000. His first TV show was in 2005 which is Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew which aired in Discovery Health. This TV show has a total of 10 episodes but, Discovery Health is still airing these episodes. In this program Dr. Drew was not afraid to discuss sex and everything about it. He discussed the different issues related to sex and answered the peoples’ questions on the subject.

It was in 2008 that Dr. Drew starred in his own reality TV show which is Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. The format of this program features celebrities that are treated for drug dependency in a drug rehabilitation facility. In 2009 Sober House is the follow up program to this show which featured many of the celebrities who appeared in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. This is where the stars are shown recovering and living a sober life, free from drug abuse and dependency. Celebrity Rehab was the show that nailed Dr. Drew’s reputation as an addiction treatment specialist for the stars.

In November of 2009 Dr. Drew had another spin-off to his Celebrity Rehab program which is the Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. This program focuses more on sex addiction and aims to provide help and treat these celebrity patients.

Dr. Drew’s programs which featured celebrities with addiction problems are an eye-opener. He was able to show the world that addiction is a problem, more like a disease which can be treated and there is no break for being a celebrity the disease of addiction cares nothing about status.  However, he was also criticized especially by the addiction community for revealing the activities in rehabilitation program. Aside from being a known TV personality, Dr. Drew still has a private practice and he is the Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Keck USC School of Medicine.

Dr. Drew is now set to launch yet another reality show based on addiction. His new show which will be Rehab with Dr. Drew is focused on providing help and treatment for “normal” people suffering from addiction. Unlike his previous reality shows, he will not have celebrity guests who have addiction problems showing the world what it was like to have an addiction problem and how to get treated for it. Dr. Drew now wants to have ordinary people suffering from the same addiction problem celebrities are also going through get treated.

He points out that while the celebrity stars are already used to the spotlight, his new patients are fine with showing the world their fight to recover from addiction. This may be of the same format as his previous shows but it has a different approach. Normal people can get to see how other normal people with addiction problems are suffering. Dr. Drew also points out that his treatment methods will be the same. It does not matter whether his patient is a star or not, he knows that they need help and he will help them.

Dr. Drew has made it clear that addiction should be treated as a medical condition that has costs millions of lives all over the world. He has showed that there is help available for people with addiction issues. Whether you are a star or not, you can get treated and you can save your life from the curse of addiction.

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