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We found 10 facilities. Look through the listing below ▼ to find a suitable facility.

CA Diversion Intervention Foundation (CDIF)

3100 East Frontera Street, Anaheim CA 92806

CA Hispanic Commission Alc/Drug Abuse Casa Elena

832 South Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim CA 92805

Hope House Inc

710 and 714 North Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim CA 92805

Oasis Treatment Center

222 West Ball Road, Anaheim CA 92805

School Ten

2384 East Orangethorpe Avenue, Anaheim CA 92806

Orange County Health Care Agency Anaheim Alcohol and Drug Abuse Servs

2035 East Ball Road, Suites 100-A and 100-P, Anaheim CA 92806

School Ten Drinking Driver Unit

1136 North Gilbert Street, Suite B, Anaheim CA 92801

Southern CA Alcohol and Drug Progs Inc Heritage House North

321 State College Boulevard, Anaheim CA 92806

Southern CA Alcohol and Drug Progs Inc Heritage Village

405 South Rose Street, Office 102, Anaheim CA 92805

Tochi Family Childrens Center Envoy Care Center

520 Brookhurst Street, Suite 222, Anaheim CA 92801
We hope that a suitable facility is listed above. If not please call our toll free number (866) 426-7444 for assistance.
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