This great article called 10 sobering stats on college drinking deaths highlights a dangerous trend in college drinking.  Very well written by the staff at

Teaching our college kids to drink responsibly.

When I was a teenager about 35 years ago now nobody died from binge drinking and we drank. Hell I ended up an alcoholic.  What is it about our young people that they place themselves in such danger.  Its terribly sad to see so many young deaths from something that is completely avoidable.  The article quotes one  student who was found with  a blood-alcohol level of 0.436.  I was raised in Europe where teenage drinking is more acceptable and the legal age is 18.  Perhaps if we exposed our young people to alcohol in a healthy way younger they might now have such a lack of understanding that they literally drink themselves to death at such a young age.  Keeping alcohol away from them is not working.

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