Woman in Glass Illustration

Woman in Glass IllustrationMore and more research done by those in the medical and healthcare community show there are far greater dangers in drinking for women.  All females in every age bracket demonstrated in a recent study that brain damage is a high risk.  They might be subsuming the same amounts and types of alcohol and at in the same time periods, but the risk still remains.  As a result, alcohol abuse intervention has increased for women and not so much men.

Besides the risks associated with the usual dependence on alcohol, women must endure far greater consequences for their drinking habits no matter how mild they might be.  Brain damage, cancer, especially in the breasts, and liver and heart disease are a couple of the detrimental side affects of drinking for women.  Shrinking of the brain and problems associated with it, such as hurt mental and memory skills, also affect women more than men.  Alcoholism intervention has thusly risen in importance for women who do not just drink socially but depend upon it.

In the American Journal of Psychiatry, a study was performed to test this theory of women’s brain shrinking from alcohol consumption.  Doctors from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse demonstrated how these damages are specific to the female gender.  The reason for this shrinkage comes from the fact that brain cells are dying out due to the drinking of alcohol.

Part of the reason doctors are worried is that such shrinking might be related to Alzheimer’s.  while the brain shrinks in everyone as they age, alcohol especially exacerbates the problem.  Now more than ever, a careful scrutiny is necessary for women because of this recent data.  An addiction treatment center can provide all the care needed to help people to curve their habits.  They often employ the latest information from the medical community to fit their programs to the specific requirements of their patients.  With the threat of dementia more prevalent, they will no doubt use this information to the best of their capabilities.

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