Battling Against a Pill Addiction

Battling Against a Pill AddictionOxycontin is a prescription drug that is used for extreme pain. This is pain that is very serious; Oxycontin is normally seen as a last resort pain medication. It is used in patients who have cancer to curb pain and is usually used by prescription only and a doctor will closely monitor the patient. However, without a prescription Oxycontin is highly addictive and its use usually cannot be stopped without the help of addiction treatment.

It can be very difficult to get off of the drugs on your own. People find that they cannot deal with the withdrawal symptoms that come along with the stopping use of the substance. The drug has very extreme cravings and can also result in insomnia and anxiety. The effects of

Oxycontin are likened to that of heroin or use of crystal meth. The drug creates a euphoric rush that is similar to the effects of heroin and crystal meth.

When a person enters a dual diagnosis treatment they will first enter drug detox to get the Oxycontin out of their system. This usually entails slowly weaning a patient off of the substance and it can be quite a long process.

The drug is a narcotic and extremely dangerous if it is misused and that is why treating addiction for it is so difficult. Oxycontin is just one of the many pain relievers that people can become addicted to. There are others such as Percocet and Valium that users may require addiction treatment to get off of.

Prescription pain killer addiction has come into the limelight because of the death of Michael Jackson. He was said to be using several doctors and false names to get his pain killer fix. It is so easy to become addicted to these substances after using them for a short time. People really don’t know how dangerous they can be.


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JaniceJune 11, 2012 at 5:40 pm

What makes it even more dangerous is that it is more accessible than meth or heroin. Thanks for putting this out there. Not enough people realize the dangers of it.


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