For many people whom have never experienced it, addiction may seem to be a dent in a shiny character.  A blip, on the computer screen of a person’s personality.  But it is complex and heartbreaking.  It is a double edged sword.  The addiction itself, causes pain.  And when one realizes that they are addicted, to anything, that becomes a secondary pain.  A pain of the mind, and a pain of the heart.  When addicted to anything, be it cigarettes, coffee, heroin or day time soap operas, what one realizes when they suffer an addiction, is that they no longer have control over certain aspects of their own lives.

Horrible, devastating consequences can result, but when people are in the midst of it all, none of that matters.  Nothing matters.  People lose the ability to make choices that would benefit them.  And most people, who have never found themselves in this kind of situation, do not understand the double edged sword, the “double whammy”.  When behavior becomes compulsive, it messes with the functions of the brain.  Just as whatever chemicals one may be dumping into their system messes with the brain, the knowledge that this is happening, and the inability in a given moment, to stop it can lead people into despair.

Motivation gets lost.  The ability to control one’s own behavior, gets lost.  But what does not get lost, is the sense that if they could, they would do something about it.  If they just had one bit of help, they might make it through.  Rehab programs offer this help and support.  In a non-judgemental setting, people can begin to be motivated.  They will gain knowledge and support from those who have been there before, those who will not criticize, but will offer understanding and caring in their time of desperate need.  People do survive addictions, everyday.  And because they do, they just quite simply…survive…and find that this is a beautiful life, a wonderful world.