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Family in crisisDeciding to seek help for addiction and entering a treatment center can be life altering and a decision that can ultimately save your life.  The range of of treatment options and facilities offering services for drug and alcohol addiction can be overwhelming at a time when families and addicts are under severe stress.   Addiction touches many lives and those close to the addict or alcoholic can  suffer as much and in some cases more than the addict themselves.  There are many treatment centers offering different types of programs – inpatient, extended care, residential, outpatient, etc. – so how do you go about choosing the right one?  Drug Rehab Comparison is an information site offering a list of Treatment Facilities.   Visit our blog to do research and find answers to common questions to help you make your decision on which treatment center to call.

Alcoholic in despairWhether you are the addict or the family member in the difficult situation of making a decision regarding treatment either for themselves, a family member or for a loved one the process can be overwhelming. The decision is often approached with with no prior knowledge or information – and with little understanding of what they should be looking for. It can take a long time for the family or addict to come out of denial and when faced with the reality of addiction often with life threatening consequences. They are usually are terrified swinging between denial and hopelessness.   With your life or the life of a loved one at stake fear can push people into making decisions that may not be the best for the individual involved.  This is where the help of a good treatment professional is invaluable.  - We also offer a wealth of relevant information along with a directory of all the treatment centers around the country offering drug and alcohol treatment programs.  We also offer the opportunity to review treatment facilities.

Which Treatment Facility?  Ask Questions

Ask questions and research drug rehab centersWhen choosing a facility consider your options carefully. When you are comparing them make a list of the drug rehab centers that you may consider – based on location, treatment specialties, etc. Then contact them in turn. Develop a list of facts you want to gather for each of them and the questions you want to ask.
For  example:
What are your program options?
  1. How effective has your program been in the past?
  2. What are the qualifications and credentials of your staff?
  3. How much will it cost me?
  4. Does the center accept insurance?
  5. Will my insurance cover all of the program?
  6. Is the program 12 step or holistic based, what is the difference?
  7. What will happen when I leave treatment?
  8. Do they have medically supervised detox or must I do that first.?
  9. Will I get assistance with aftercare and introduction to an outside 12 step program?
At the time where the addict or alcoholic is ready for treatment resources may be scarce which is why we do advocate treatment through the 12 steps which is a program of recovery available for free through many meetings throughout the country.  Entering treatment will get you sober, living sober is the tough part and many people who enter a 12 step program after leaving treatment go on to live happy, sober, and successful lives no matter how far down the path they have gone.

Check our List of  Drug and Alcohol treatment facilities

find the right drug rehab centerYou can also check our list of facilities on this site which provides information on thousands of US drug rehab and addiction treatment facilities and organizations providing rehabilitation for people suffering from chemical dependency problems. Search by location, specialty or type. Check independent reviews to gain an understanding of how others feel about the services offered.

Find The Facility That Meets Your Needs & Budget

Choosing the drug rehab facility that offers the maximum benefits to your loved one is of the utmost importance. Rehab can be a life altering event! Drug Rehab Comparison can help you decide which facility most closely meets your needs.

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