Cocaine = Death

Cocaine = DeathA new tool might be on the way soon for people addicted to cocaine. Scientists have been working on a vaccine that would make the body attack the drug and would not let it get to the brain, thus stopping the effects that addicts seek. This drug would be very beneficial for addicts that want to stay clean and have been to a drug addiction treatment facility because if a relapse occurred, the drug would have no effect and the addict would not enjoy it.

Some experts warn that this drug might not work for everyone but that it is great for those that it will help. Long term rehab for substance abusers will always be necessary for drug addicts but a breakthrough like this will only encourage scientists from all over the world to keep working on other vaccines and the like.

A good drug addiction rehab program is the only solution for a drug addict now since clinical trials for this vaccine won’t even begin until spring, at the absolute earliest.

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