young girl take drug at disco during spring break from drug dealerMy story, start to finish; At the age of 16 I broke my ankle and was prescribed pain medication, I didn’t put any thought into taking the meds. By the time I was 17, almost 18 I recall two weeks before I ever snorted a pill saying “I don’t understand why people would wanna live like that? Its dumb!” The next thing I know, I’m partying, snorting pills and I’m addicted. I used for 7 years, lost my husband to it, even though the death certificate says different.

I lost myself, lost my emotions, lost my smile and even began questioning my self worth. Then went my 5 year relationship and my family, although I had custody of my son I wasn’t giving him the attention he deserved. I was living under other people’s roofs and wondering if I would have a place to lay my head the next night. I was almost there, almost at the bottom!


The only thing I had left was my sanity and my dignity. My dignity and after two days of being up on meth and heroin, followed by three day of sobriety helped me realise that only a few things could come of my addiction. My thoughts to myself were that this isn’t fair to my son, he’s going to end up being taken away or based on my path of destruction, my son and my family is going to bury me by the time he is two.

I know what it’s like to be left with no answers and nothing but questions that cannot be answered. I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t allow this to happen.  I moved back to Indiana and I started right on the same path but then I realized; I have got people who love me, and I have got support and I can do the right thing.  I did the right thing and now it is only up from here! I have now been clean for 1 month and two weeks. –Sheila