Smoking Marijuana

Signs that a Person is Using MarijuanaHow do you know when a person is using marijuana? Such information might be invaluable for employers, teachers, parents, and friends who suspect someone they care about or work with might have a problem. If a person uses marijuana only occasionally, then you’re not likely to be able to tell. For instance, do you know if someone was drunk the night before? The person might simply have a headache, or stayed up too late or overslept. In other words, there are any number of symptoms which may lead you to suspect someone is using a drug or alcohol, but there’s no way to be absolutely certain. In the event, however, that the person is addicted to a substance, such as alcohol, or a frequent user of marijuana, then multiple symptoms which keep appearing may be a clear sign that a problem exists.

In the case of marijuana, physical symptoms may include some or all of the following:

  • dilated or large pupils,
  • discolored fingers,
  • bloodshot eyes,
  • and a sleepy appearance overall.

The person might also be jittery or anxious, have difficulty thinking, and distorted sensory perceptions. In terms of psychological effects, a person might have temporary feelings of stress or be sad or depressed or withdrawn socially, isolating him or herself. A sense of euphoria may also accompany marijuana use, which exhibits itself by feelings of elation or a sense of having unlimited power; there may be a sense of grandiosity (acting in a boastful manner, as long as that action is unusual to the individual). You might notice the person has trouble with short-term memory or making simple decisions. There might be inappropriate appetites and an increased appetite. Other signs that a person is using marijuana may be the smell of the plant on clothes, or in a room or car. You might find cigarette rolling papers, too, or small seeds that have been cleaned from marijuana.

Any one of these signs does not necessarily indicate marijuana use or addiction; however, if you see a number of these signs coming together, which cannot be explained in other ways, then it’s possible the person is using.