South Dakota Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

South Dakota Treatment for Methamphetamine AddictionMethamphetamine addiction in South Dakota is on the rise, but the state isn’t sitting back to let this devastating drug ruin the lives of their citizens. South Dakota has taken a comprehensive Methamphetamine awareness project to the public, the schools and businesses. The awareness and prevention project focuses on increased awareness of Meth and encompasses all the problems that are associated with the use of the illegal drug, its manufacturing and distribution. South Dakota provides professional Meth awareness and prevention education to organizations, groups and individuals at no cost on a statewide, regional and community level. Also, it will be a no-cost resource for any South Dakota citizen to deal with the ongoing issues associated with the manufacturing, distribution and use of Meth.

South Dakota has several websites that offer comprehensive information about the effects on children from babies to adolescence; on how Meth labs and Meth users can effect the property values of real estate; on what symptoms parents should look for if they suspect their child is taking Meth; information for schools and businesses on how to run their own educational programs about the negative effects of having Methamphetamine in their communities; they show pictures of the devastating effects Meth has on users, such as teeth falling out, scabs forming on the skin and dramatic weight loss and in appearance.

South Dakota has several drug treatment programs specifically dealing with methamphetamine addition. Meth has been found to be the hardest drug to recover from, so South Dakota has done a tremendous amount of studies aimed at finding which treatments are best to help with recovery of this insidious drug. One study shows that treating Meth users with anti-depressants only makes the craving for Meth worse. But, another study shows how a drug called Vigabatrin, an anti-convulsive drug, which has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of cocaine and Methamphetamine dependency is now being used in the drug treatment centers and is actually helping with reducing the craving and euphoria associated with Meth use.

The battle with Methamphetamine will be ongoing, but South Dakota has a fighting chance through its wide-spread public information programs and with their new innovative approaches in their drug treatment centers.