Treating cocaine addiction is a complicated issue and incorporates various elements into its structure and format. There are various programs available and differing extents of in-depth treatment options. The alcoholics anonymous twelve-step program has expanded to included various narcotic drugs and other chemical dependencies and Cocaine Anonymous is one of its programs. It should also be noted that this twelve-step program has the highest success rate for its addicts than does any other. Meanwhile this refers only to the outpatient and fully self initiated on a daily or as needed meeting basis. Though of course meetings are sometimes required by law in certain criminal conviction cases. In-patient treatment centers for cocaine and other drug addictions are much more intense and daily comprehensive.

Cocaine Addiction TreatmentCocaine addiction treatment is typically approached from two different perspectives. One is the biological consequences of cocaine use and addiction and the other is more of a cognitive behavioral approach. Emotional consequences and developmental stalling that is associated with addiction is addressed with the cognitive behavioral approach. One of the difficulties in treating cocaine addition is the way it manifests itself into an individual’s system. Once a person uses cocaine the drug will circulate through their system and leave metabolite deposits in bone marrow and fat tissue. This means that it incorporates itself into the system and doesn’t flush out when the immediate effects of the drug wear off. Treatment centers typically deal with the immediate detoxification that comes from addiction withdrawal and then follow up with a twelve step model. The most effective treatment programs are long term based and they can range from two weeks to two years.

While cocaine gained a major status as being one of the popular drugs of the late sixties and came into popular mainstream use during the seventies, it was also gaining a reputation and even glamorized as being the rich person’s drug of choice. And it was more expensive than marijuana, the other extremely popular drug that was commonly abused or at least tired during a person’s youth. The eighties and nineties are commonly considered to be the time when cocaine use was at its highest, and it is believed to have fully erupted as a major addiction problem across the nation in the eighties. However, crystal methamphetamine use was also on the rise and is much cheaper and easier to produce. The epidemic of meth addiction that has swept the country eclipses that of cocaine, though it is still a popular drug of choice and addiction problems continue to trouble the nation.

If you or a loved one is suffering from cocaine addiction, our list of treatment centers can provide a solution.