Renaissance Project Inc Ellenville Residential Facility is located in Ellenville, New York, it provides Long Term Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Care with a primary focus on Substance Abuse. Services provided includes Substance Abuse Treatment. Special programs available include Programs for Dual Diagnosis, Programs for Women, Programs for Men and Programs for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients.
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767 Cape Road,
Ellenville NY 12428
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Primary Focus
  • Substance Abuse
Services Provided
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
Type of Care
  • Long Term Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Care
Special Programs
  • Programs for Dual Diagnosis
  • Programs for Women
  • Programs for Men
  • Programs for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients
Payments Accepted
  • Self Payment
Payment Assistance
  • Sliding Fee Scale
  • Payment Assistance Available
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JaniceDecember 22, 2011 at 7:27 pm

This place is horrible. My mother died in a fire while I was there. They treated me horribly because of it. They wouldn’t allow me contact with my family to make funeral arrangements since I was an only child. They didn’t even want to take me to the funeral. The day I found out she died I went to my room to be alone missing group. First they came in my room and forced me to attend group. That was right after they made an announcement over the loud speaker that my mother passed away. While I was in group and I sat there crying the whole time the counselor looked at me and said “you need to take responsibility In your mother’s death” he said this because my mother was poor and was living in a poor area. He meant that had I had my life together my mom would have been living with me and not there and she’d be alive. All the people in the group started calling him out on that and I just got up and left. two days before I had to go to my mom’s wake the director met with me and said they were kicking me out because I missed my groups. She was talking about the one group I missed while I was being told my mother died and went to my room and the group I walked out of when that man said what he said. I’m from Suffolk County NY so I was a long way from home. They took me to a trainstation in Yonkers and dumped me off there homeless with nothing no money to find my way back to long Island. I had to go to my mother’s funeral while homeless and on the streets. I had to wonder in off the street dirty smelling. They didn’t want to drive me to the funeral and back so instead they found a reason to just kick me out. They offered me no help whatsoever. There were other things done and said as well while I was there that hurt me that I just won’t get into or this would be a book. That was in 2013 and I’m still working with a counselor about the torture and abuse I dealt with there. It’s hard to believe they did that to me and I just recently have had the courage to talk openly about it. This place should be shut down. It gets no stars at all.


JaniceDecember 22, 2011 at 7:27 pm

The first concern is to keep you clean and sober. Apparently if you were able to do that you wouldn’t have been in treatment. So sorry for your loss I don’t blame them


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