Desert Cove Recovery Center Scottsdale Arizona

Addiction is taking too many of our loved ones. The opioid epidemic has pushed resources to breaking point and families to despair.  Desert Cove are acutely aware of the need to provide effective affordable treatment and that is what they strive to do.

Desert Cove Recovery

In the heart of Scottsdale Arizona, Desert Cove Recovery Center takes a focused patient centered approach to recovery from addiction.  The Cove as it is affectionately referred  by the patients and staff has helped  many addicts to start a new life.  Residents live in supervised residential homes and attend the treatment center during the day.  The homes are well  maintained and residents get to take responsibility for their own living space, learning long forgotten basic life skills right from the start of treatment.   Patients attend the treatment facility during the day and attend meetings, counselling sessions and group therapy.   Patients attend local 12 step meetings and find sponsors with long term sobriety to mentor them in the 12 steps.  Most treatment centers advocate the 12 steps and patients are exposed to the steps in treatment, the difference with the Cove is that the patients live the program by going into the local recovery community and making contacts and friends to support them when they leave treatment rather than having to start fresh finding a support system when they finish treatment.

The recovery community in the Phoenix Scottsdale area is vibrant with over 1600 AA meetings a week.  There is a wide range of meetings including women and men’s meetings.   Desert Cove understands the need for its program graduates to have that support to stay sober and exposing patients to the support system is a meaningful and effective way helps  residents achieve long term sobriety.  Desert Cove knows living sober is often harder than getting sober and offers long term programs not just 30 days.