There seems to be endless stories about the bad side effects associated with the use of Ambien, the prescription sleep aid. In some cases, it almost looks like one could easily overdose on the drug because the biggest side effect is memory loss. When talking with people who have taken Ambien the stories are almost funny. Like a drunken college night full of strange activities that the drunk doesn’t remember. It was bad enough when people had memory loss because of alcohol but Ambien is even worse.

One of these stories was about a man who took Ambien and woke up the next day with the kitchen filled with dirty pots and pans and his check book out on the table. It really scared him at first. He was wondering who had made dinner and wrote out checks in his apartment in the middle of the night. Then he realized that the checks were written out for all of his bills. No one is going to break in and pay his bills, so what happened? Apparently, he was sleep walking and decided to make some dinner and pay some bills and then never remembered a thing. What else could have happened and gone wrong? This is a seemingly funny story that turned out to be OK but what if something bad had happened? What if he didn’t turn off his stove or something?

This sort of story is exactly what leads to Ambien overdoses. People just don’t remember taking the drug and they wake up in the morning with half of a brand new bottle gone. They were popping pills in the middle of the night without even realizing it. They complain about the cost at first until they realize that they luckily lived through a possible overdoes. After all, eventually, there is a time that could come where the whole bottle is taken down in one night and the person may never wake up again. It could happen that easily. Maybe its time to end the forgotten journey with Ambien and find some other way to get a good nights sleep.

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