Troubled TeenagersBoarding schools are sometimes the best options for troubled youth because it takes them out of their home environment and helps them focus on recovering. There, they are in the constant care of professionals and they improve a lot faster than they would at home. One of the greatest things about treatment boarding schools is often over-looked. Usually parents have a tendency to focus on the bigger problems at hand with their teen like addiction, eating disorders, and the specific problems that need to be fixed. Boarding schools undoubtedly work to treat these problems, as well as helping out with the teens’ academics.

There are very few troubled youth with a perfect report card. Because of their bad habits, their work in school tends to decline. This is often exacerbated by the friends that the teen is surrounded by at school, and their extracurricular activities outside of school not being the most academic in nature. By putting them in a treatment boarding school, school and recovery become their only two focuses. Removing the distractions and putting the teen in an environment where professionals can give them one-on-one attention is the most valuable thing you could get in a treatment plan.

Because teens get so much individual attention from counselors and teachers, they are able to work together with the teens’ treatment and education. Looking into the situation and individual deeply will allow both fields to see what the root problems are to better fix the situation. For example, maybe a parent thought that his teenager was doing poorly in school because of his issues with drugs, but it could be the other way around. After counseling they may find out that this teen did not understand things in school, and because of that he was getting made fun of by his peers, which then caused him to turn to drugs as a desperate effort to fit in. Because the whole issue started with him struggling in school, the professionals might test him for a learning disability and then work from there. This is often times information that teens don’t wish to share with parents, and you might only get the full details when trained professionals are involved.

This also ensures that wherever they go- school, counseling, on a field trip, or doing extra fun things with other residents, the teen will stay on track with their treatment plan. If a teen is going to a counselor at home and going to their regular high school, it will be much harder for the teachers to make sure they know everything about his situation and what he can and cannot do at the time. Teachers in public high schools might be swamped with the amount of students, and it doesn’t allow them to be fully on board with the plan.

Most boarding schools for troubled teens hire nothing but the best when it comes to teachers. These teachers are more dedicated than any others to the success of their students, because they are doing more than just teaching science, they are helping and witnessing the growth of a struggling teen. If there was ever a place that could help with your teens’ academic success it would be here, and these educators are not only masters of teaching but also mentoring and keeping teens on track.  Look into treatment boarding schools in your area and see if this is a good option for your teen.

Author Bio- Camyren Walker has been in the counseling and mental health industry for 10 years, and loves seeing the difference she can make in the lives of teens that need it. For more information on boarding schools, click here.

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