Recently a Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema compared homosexuality to alcoholism and said that it leads to drugs. Really?

I think I’ve heard it all now.  Whether or not you accept, tolerate or embrace a homosexual lifestyle, in what way does it lead to alcoholism and drugs? Every person has the ability to either stay away from alcohol and drugs or decide to partake of them and that has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. He even states that homosexuals are typically better educated and make more income than others so where does alcohol and drugs, which leads to ruin, fall into this equation?Dave Anegma

He states that as a Christian he has to educate homosexuals on their lifestyle and save them from a life of disease. I guess straight people don’t get sexually transmitted diseases, they don’t drink and they do not take drugs – just homosexuals.

Unfortunately, while not every Republican or Christian believes this way, this kind of statement is what gives them a bad name. It causes a blanket representation of the party and Christians in general.

In fact, this type of thinking is not only misinformed but uneducated at best. Even if he believes that this is a moral offense and doesn’t believe in it that has nothing to do with believing that it leads to drugs or becoming an alcoholic.

Basically all Dave Agema did was make himself and his party look bad. While some may agree with him, his findings are neither based on fact or education and are totally wrong in every aspect. Hopefully he can educate himself in the real facts behind a homosexual lifestyle but I won’t hold my breath.


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