SAD Pledge

SAD PledgeThough everyone of all ages are susceptible to binge drinking, as reports and studies are showing, this is becoming more of an issue among the young.  It is becoming an epidemic.  Though recent studies have shown this epidemic on the decline now for a couple of years.

In 2003, it was reported that there that binge drinking in high school students dropped from about forty percent to about thirty percent.  College students too showed progress.  According to Henry Wechsler, a doctor at Harvard, his study demonstrated a major reduction in binge drinking since his last study that was done four years earlier.  People who have started to abstain from alcohol in general and not just binging has increased a full twenty-two percent, his study showed.  Other groups that show dropping rates come from the military.  In some global surveys done for about fifteen years, it was showed that military personal have slowed the common problem binge drinking was becoming.  Part of this success stems from the advances made in the kind of alcoholism intervention as well residential drug treatment available out there now.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse gathered information from the University of Michigan and their Institute for Social Research that echoed these results.  Binge drinking is at its lowest in a while now, especially in college students among whom the problem of binge drinking is most prevalent.  Still binge drinking continues to be a big problem even with the success stories that alcoholism intervention has wrought.  College students are still a high risk group for binge drinking despite these comforting statistics.

It is still important to remember that that are still big myths surrounding the college lifestyle that continue to persist whether warranted or not.  One of them is that binge drinking in college students is as popular as it ever was.  When students going off to college for the first time think this, they are probably going to binge as a result.  The kind of accurate information and research that an addiction treatment center provides about binge drinking can help aid parents and high schools to keep the good statistics up about college binge drinking.

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