Education is part of the American dream. But so often getting through college can result in a person developing drug or alcohol dependency. The binge drinking at the frat house turns into drinking alone or needing a drink in the morning to get out of bed. With more freedom also comes having that more responsibility. Some kids go crazy because they are not under the constant supervision of their parents. And this can manifest itself in several ways, drugs, alcohol, sex or all of the above.

If people start to notice that you need a drink first thing in the morning or that you are missing class because you are hung over from the night before, you need to seriously think about getting help. College will always be there, but your life and health will not. It’s when it starts to conflict with your every day responsibilities that you need to think about going to an addiction treatment center.

If you are going into college, it’s going to be a place full of new experiences and you will have to navigate them on your own. You need to realize that you are in college to learn and earn your degree. If you set small goals for yourself, like for example, I want to have my degree in four years; you will be more likely to stick to those goals.

Also allow yourself some, in any form. Fun does not always mean getting drunk or high. College is full of clubs and places you can go searching for likeminded people.  If you do need help, however there are lots of ways to enter into a dual diagnosis place to treat your addiction.

If you find yourself living the party lifestyle too much, just decide if that is what you really want. And if you don’t seek help.



JaniceOctober 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm

It’s tough when you enter into a new realm of freedom that comes along with college, especially if you’re living away from home. For many students, the need to bond with others and form new friendships leads to excessive behaviour, even for someone who is very responsible. We all just want to fit in, but all the changes that come with college life can make it difficult to make the right decisions. Once you’re on that road, it’s not so easy finding a way out. Look for campus counsellors and resources. You’re not alone and you’re not the first. Get help before it gets out of control.


JaniceOctober 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Most college kids fall victim to massive binge drinking and weekend long partying. Too many parties to let off steam after an overloaded study week. Young people just haven’t developed enough maturity to truly see the big picture and quite often don’t even realize they are in trouble until something really bad or dangerous happens. They are still at the age where they think they are invincible and can’t see the big picture. More resources need to be developed, particularly to enforce the legal drinking age, to protect these kids from themselves.


JaniceOctober 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm

The choices made at 18 can severely change the rest of a person’s life. College is a high pressure area for many young people, trying to prove their adulthood. It’s not easy to balance the new found freedom with a sense of grounded balance. Colleges need to encourage more non-drinking and partying social circles without being all or nothing. There tends to be the absolute “just say no” crowd versus the party-like-a-rock-star crowds. In the real world, a couple of occasional drinks at a get together is status quo. Learning this type of control in the early years will set habits for the rest of your life.


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