Just two months after he wed his second wife in Hawaii Whitney Houston’s ex husband Booby Brown is back in Rehab allegedly for alcohol addiction. People who do not understand alcoholism ask why don’t they stop? Why doesn’t the death of his ex wife scare him into stopping?. There is no single event, no disaster too great, no jubilant event too jubilant to made an alcoholic stop drinking. Its an inside job nothing on the outside can make you stop. The disease of alcoholism will lick anybody to the point of death unless they accept their powerlessness over it. I often wonder why the celebrities have a tougher time than most although its fair to say no alcoholic finds it easy to stop. The only conclusion I can come to is that they have a strong sense of power because of their fame and status and find the surrender harder than the rest of us.

I hope that Bobby gets it this time, strips away the EGO and gives it to God otherwise his daughter will not only lose one parent to addiction but both. Good Luck Bobby your desire to get well for your children is a great way to start but you must want it for yourself so badly you are willing to do whatever it takes.

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