Summer Drinking

Summer DrinkingMembers of the Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force in Portage, MI have created an extensive advertising campaign to try and keep teens from abusing drugs and alcohol in the upcoming summer months. Teen drug and alcohol use tends to rise during the summer months and they are hoping that this campaign will have a positive effect on the people in Kalamazoo County.

During a 12-week period this summer, messages will be put on billboards, the Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force Web site and on posters asking a different question mostly of parents. The questions will range from “Do you know where your kids are?” to “Is the driver sober? Are you sure?”

The task force, made up more than 100 parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, elected officials and church representatives, has been active since last September, when about 275 people attended a “Call to Action” community meeting in Portage. The event was sparked by the heroin-overdose deaths of six former and current students of Portage Public Schools since 2004.

Task force members at a Tuesday press conference at Portage City Hall said they intend to continue throughout the summer most of the other initiatives that they feel have helped deal with substance-abuse issues in the community.

Many community leaders hope that this extensive approach along with the proper drug rehab or alcohol treatment centers will help people accept and deal with drug abuse in a more successful manner. There are also specialized centers for teen drug rehab.

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