Once again the Kennedy Family are in the news and once again its a tragedy.  Mary Kennedy the estranged wife of Robert Kennedy Jr and the mother of 4 of his children was found dead yesterday apparently from suicide.  

Once again people discuss the “Kennedy Family Curse” and there is no doubt that as a family they have had their share of terrible tragedies.  The assassination of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, the death of the oldest son Joe in  a plane crash and the tragic end to  John Kennedy Jr’s life his wife and her sister in a plane crash are indeed real tragedies.  However, much of the Kennedy’s woes are due to the fact that they are family who suffer from addiction.  Alcoholism does not discriminate, rich, poor, black, white, doctor, catholics, Jews shelf stacker it can take any family down.  The Kennedy’s are no different to the painful and tragic scenarios being played out all over the world today in addicted families. The Kennedy’s are just famous.

The Kennedy’s are a classic alcoholic family they marry alcoholics greatly increasing the changes that any children born into that marriage will suffer from addiction.  I come from an Irish catholic alcoholic family same as the Kennedy’s.  Our family has been decimated by alcohol and the trail of brokenness and death simply keeps on going.  I am not famous my family is not famous but the deaths are there and the devastation caused by this disease much more powerful than the Kennedy’s has affected us in very similar ways.  The Kennedy’s may be the most famous Irish American alcoholic family but they are the same as us.

The family needs treatment for addiction and it seems Robert Kennedy Jr and Patrick Kennedy, are in recovery but they need to look at the entire family and realize that they are indeed cursed but with the same curse as millions of other families.  Its called alcoholism, Robert Kennedy Jr seems to also have issues with love addiction and staying faithful to his wives another classic manifestation of the disease.  I wish the Kennedy’s well and my heart breaks for the children who are left without a mother.  Mary Kennedy was a huge suicide risk with her history of substance abuse may she rest in peace.  There is hope for future generations of Kennedy’s to “break the curse” its called the 12 steps and recovery.  Anybody willing to do the work can change their lives and be free from alcoholism whether you are a wealth Kennedy or a Jones on food stamps.  The best thing the current Kennedy clan can do for the future generations of Kennedy’s is to model a sober life to their kids and grand kids.  I have seen families heal, marriages restored, sanity restored in the same way as the disease does not discriminate neither does recovery.

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