There have been many books written about how to overcome addiction.  Many individuals have become pseudo celebrities based on the books or programs they’ve developed which tell people how to successfully overcome their addictions and go on to achieve successful lives.  It is difficult to believe that people can fully rehabilitate themselves simply by reading about how to do it.  Many of these destructive behaviors that are displayed by those with addiction problems can’t be unlearned overnight and need many months; if not years of constant work to claim that they’ve been overcome.

Whether an addict attempts to overcome their addiction issues through a book, movie, or traditional drug rehabilitation program, it will not be successful unless that person is really ready and willing to change their lives.  This usually begins with them admitting they have a problem in the first place, and then taking the necessary actions and steps to deal with the issue.  If the person is not willing to accept that there is an issue to begin with, they are not going to be willing to invest the time or effort that is required to see a full recovery, and when they do leave treatment the likelihood of relapse is very strong.  If somebody doesn’t believe there previous behaviors were damaging or impacting their lives negatively in any way they will see no reason to stop those behaviors upon leaving the drug or alcohol rehab they were attending.  It is important to make sure that before admitting a loved one or friend to rehab, that they are willing to go and are actively looking to change their lives.  If not, it’s not worth spending the time and effort asking them to change.

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