Mike The Situation

Mike the Situation from Jersey Shore in situation over rehab

Apparently Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” has checked himself out of Cirque Lodge treatment center in Utah after just two weeks.  He was being treated for prescription drug and alcohol abuse.  The “situation” is this if Mike has recovered in two week he is truly a miracle.  Addiction recovery requires a life long commitment ,not a two week stunt in a high profile rehab center to ensure he gets maximum publicity.  There is so much incredible work going on out there in the treatment industry and in the the whole recovery community using 12 step programs.  People are quietly going about the deadly serious business of treating and recovering from life threatening addictions.  This type of stunt simply makes the real work that is happening saving millions of lives look fake.  This clown needs to go back to Jersey and stop making a mockery of the very serious business of recovery.  If he ever decides to get help then go quietly in privacy and anonymously but then that would defeat the purpose of his celebrity status and his need to communicate with his “Fans”

This is not how its done and anybody who is truly involved in recovery knows that “the situation” will remain a situation and not a sober healthy man while he plays with fire like this.

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